Solving Ireland’s Glue Challenges!

Another week full of interesting glue challenges. One of Ireland’s utility companies contacted our laboratory. They were looking for a glue to stick PVC to steel. We looked through our manuals, and sure enough, we specified a PVC glue before and everything worked out well.

Our polyurethane glues got a major boost when a van conversion company, selected two of our polyurethane glues for bonding foil faced PIR insulating panels to painted steel. Our solvent free PU’s are ideal for these applications. Almost no odour and so easy to apply by brush or roller.

Glue IrelandThe local maintenance contractor to Transdev, who operate the Luas light railway system for Dublin also contacted us. They were looking for an adhesive solution which involved gluing stainless steel press-on studs, onto stainless steel panels, which are the covers for rail car floor air-conditioning units. Our laboratory received one of the stainless steel covers and our mechanical engineer evaluated the surface. The application was reasonably simple, but since there were many hundreds of stainless steel studs to glue, the enquiry certainly required a full evaluation. The key requirements for the glue, were that it must be easy to use, cure quickly, and would not cause any damage to the powderGlue Ireland coated decorative surface on the front of the unit. We immediately decided to use a two-component structural methacrylate adhesive as these adhesives offer structural strength, do not sag or slump , and are available in a range of cure times. Following lab evaluation, the Scigrip SG5000 was considered suitable. This was another one of those novel projects!

Finally, the Scigrip SG600 received an approval for bonding epoxy laminate for an  application within the transport sector. The requirements for the adhesive were quite substantial. Our laboratory were told that the adhesive must have a minimum tensile elongation of over 100%. It must have a lap-shear strength of over 3000 psi and finally, ease of application and very high non-sag properties over a range of temperatures.

While all of the Scigrip two component structural methacrylate products, exhibit many of these performance characteristics, the Scigrip SG600 was the immediate choice. Notwithstanding the fact that SG600 offers non-sag application properties, Glue Irelandand extreme resistance to shock, impact and service life fatigue, application through a bulk meter-mix application system, using a serrated blade, was easy with very little cleaning time at the end of a production shift. Due to the size of the panels, SG600-20 was deemed to offer the optimum working time and fixture time. Our development chemist carried out various tests and we easily established the optimum coating weight.

Scigrip SG600-20 Part A, is being supplied in 189 lt drums and the Part B is supplied in 19 lt drums. This was an interesting application for us. From the start of the project, our mechanical engineer worked closely with our customer, deciding on the optimum location for the glue and specifying other processing conditions.

Unlike the other non-technical distributors, we are experts in specifying the right adhesive for the right job. Count on us as your adhesives partner.