A Week of Gluing!!

Will manufacturing  Ireland ever loose it’s desire for more and better glues? I don’t think so. Every hour of every day, our laboratories are contact by a vast range of customers, each looking for a new of better way to glue things together.

Our laboratories are like mini manufacturing plants. Each scientist working on some specific application.

To give you an idea of what the first week of June did bring in!!

We had a new customer who makes prefabricated panels. They had a large structural failure with an adhesives supplied by one of the many non-technical distributors. Our laboratory determined that the failure was due to the distributor selling out of date adhesive! Our materials scientist visited the customer, identified the problem, and we gained a new customer for one of our adhesives.

Another customer was laminating curved wood panels. Again, he had occasional failures with the a low quality glue. Moving from glue distributor to glue distributor, the problem remained. Finally, the customer made the right call, straight to our laboratory. We identified the problem quickly. Through analysis, we discovered that the wood had a higher moisture content than normal. We specified a slower curing polyurethane adhesive and problem solved.

A confectionary manufacturer was looking for an odourless waterbased adhesive for carton closing. They made their first and only call to our laboratory. Questions answered in an instant.

Rubber bonding is always a request and this week was no different. We received three enquiries, the most interesting was from a company who manufacture lighting equipment. They used small rubber lined steel grippers to move the objects from one conveyor to another. One of the grippers failed and the packing line came to a halt. Luckily enough, in advance of phoning us, the customer had their delivery man on our door with the parts to be bonded. Our first adhesive trial was successful and the problem was solved.

Last but not least, we had a medical device manufacturer who wanted do glue parts made from polyamide plastic. The customer already bought threadlocker from us and we were their ‘go-to’ source for all adhesive advice. Following the receipt of samples. Our chemist tested three adhesives, and two of them gave quite acceptable bonds.

These are just of the enquiries which our laboratories received this week. Added to this, we had the various customer enquiries which our regional sales people brought in. Everything from gluing aluminium façade panels to sealing sky lights!!

We are very busy indeed, but there again, it’s all in a weeks work for us.