New EU Regulations Affect PVA Glue

As Ireland’s largest manufacturer of PVA glue, we use a range of raw materials in our glues. One class of raw materials used are biocides. Biocides are chemicals which are added during the manufacture of the glue. Why do we need to add biocides to glue? As all of our PVA glues are waterbased products, and like all waterbased products, they do provide an environment that naturally promotes the growth of micro-organisms. Biocides counteract the growth of micro-organisms in waterbased products. What would happen if we did not add biocides to waterbased glue? Several things actually…..the colour of the glue will change, the thickness of it will change and a bad odour will become apparent.

Biocides are typically skin sensitising substances. Sensitising substances affect many people upon exposure to them. This may include exposure through inhalation, which may lead to hay fever type symptoms, or skin contact, which may lead to an allergic skin reaction, such as dermatitis.

From June 1st 2015, EU Regulation 286/2011 will impose new threshold limits that will trigger the labelling of products containing skin sensitising substances.

Knowing of the impending Regulations, since early 2012, none of our waterbased glues (PVA’s, acrylics or polyurethanes) have contained any biocides which come within EU Regulation 286/2011.

Our Chemist’s & Technologists continue break new technological barriers in all aspects of waterbased glue development & manufacture.

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