Gluing Plastic?

Gluing or bonding plastic in Ireland, does not have to be a chore. With the right glue advice, customers all over Ireland can benefit from our plastic glue solutions. Quite recently, we have two normal applications, both of which had interesting performance requirements.


One customer wanted to make acrylic boxes which would be used outdoors, to hold cameras, used in time lapse photography applications. The problem was that the glue must be water clear and remain water clear throughout its service life. This requirement excluded the use of epoxy resins, well known for turning yellow upon exposure to ultra violet light. For us, the solution was simple. Scigrip 42. This is a water clear, two component, structural adhesive, which has a proven use in the fabrication of display cases of museum quality. The customer arrived at our laboratories, armed with pieces of acrylic, and looking for a glue solution. He was in the right place. Two weeks later, he is now in full production.

The second application was just as important. A customer was manufacturing speciality air condition units for delicate medical units. The application was bonding PVC to PVC, however, the adhesive must have gap filling properties and capable of filling seams which would not allow the escape of air containing Rinkasporium.

Glues with Rinkasporium resistance, are become more and more important in many gluing applications, particularly those in medical device applications.

Our laboratory received samples of the PVC, which consisted of a 5 mm thick PVC plate, onto which, corresponding 5 mm thick PVC pipes were to be bonded. We bonded the PVC with three adhesives, Scigrip SG300, SG230-HV & SG600. All of these adhesives are ideal for bonding PVC, the gap-filling requirement and Rinkasporium resistance was the unknown.

Following customer evaluations, all three adhesives were passed for production use, but the Scigrip 230-HV was specified as the colour of it matched that of the PVC substrate.

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