Sticky Glue Challenges & our Research

Ireland’s best known glue company has just got bigger! We would like to welcome both Robert & Juliette to our research department. Juliette comes to us with an extensive background in material science. Robert is a very highly regarded &  experienced  adhesives chemist. The recent appointment of these experts, further defines us as Irelands leading research based adhesives company.

As Ireland’s best known glue and adhesive company, our laboratories are normally a hive of activity. We operate three laboratories at our central Dublin facility. The Central Research and Development  (R&D) laboratory is the main chemical research laboratory where product development takes place. Within this laboratory, our researchers develop new adhesives, often based on novel materials such as biopolymers and other bio based components. The use of graphene technology, is becoming more commonplace in various industrial products and here too, our technologists are engaged in several research projects.

In addition, the chemical analysis of competitors products takes place within this laboratory.

The second laboratory is the materials testing laboratory. This laboratory is the receiving laboratory, where customer supplied samples, and also competitors samples, are first logged in. From here, the samples may move to the workshop where the materials are cut to a manageable test size. For tensile testing, all samples must be cut to a predefined size. All of the bond test work may take place within the materials testing laboratory. Competitors samples are sent to the chemical laboratory, where they are deconstructed into their constituent parts.

The third laboratory is used for the physical materials testing. In this laboratory, the physical analysis of bond strengths takes place. Bonding surface characteristics are analysed using scanning digital microscopy. As well as tensile testing, other tests are carried out, such as exotherm analysis. Exotherm analysis is a technical process whereby using infrared instrumentation, we measuring the heat produced while an adhesives is curing. This is determined with customer supplied materials, using various thicknesses of adhesive film. Samples for customer evaluation are prepared in this laboratory.

Finally, all bonded materials and unused customer samples are retained for future verification of adhesive trials.

We are experts in what we do. What are the qualities that distinguish an expert? Specialist knowledge in a certain field, many years of experience and the ability to master often complex processes? A mixture of all of these actually. You are only an expert if you are perceived to be one and are appreciated as such by your customers. We are now recognised as Ireland’s leading indigenous manufacturer and technical marketing company, for industrial adhesives & sealants.

In collaboration with our valued customers, we will continue to develop these competencies and use the knowledge that we have gained through working with our customers, to further enhance your business.

Let us be your adhesives & sealants partner!