A Cyanoacrylate Epoxy Hybrid for Electronics’

We are pleased to introduce a new technology to our adhesives portfolio. Developed in our laboratories, DP467 is a novel room temperature cured, non shrink, graphene modified, 10:1 mix ratio cyanoacrylate / epoxy hybrid adhesive designed for applications where a heat conductive bond lines, down to 0.01 mm, are required. The adhesive combines the strength of structural adhesives with the fast cure of instant adhesives. It has a convenient working time of six minutes, with a fixture time of 22 minutes. It achieves an operational level of strenght in approximately two hours at room temperature. The cured adhesive bonds very well to most substrates used in electronic assemblies. It resists thermal and mechanical shocks and has been shown to have exceptional humidity resistance. The product has been shown to have excellent adhesion to a very wide family of materials including metals, plastics and composites.

The exceptionally novel Graphene backbone creates an adhesive with unique properties.

It offers very exceptional electrical resistance of approximately 0.010 Ω·cm and a thermal conductivity of approximately 0.50 W/(m·K). The product has been shown to have a lap shear strength of over 3,625 psi (25N/mm²) on stainless steel and 2,900 psi (20N/mm²) on galvanized steel. The product exhibits  very low stress / dampening which provides excellent impact resistance. DP467 has exceptionally high resistance to galvanic corrosion and is quite suitable for use with metals exhibiting high oxidation potential, such as tin and tin alloys. In addition, the product has been shown to maintain bond strength through a range of thermal & humidity cycles. Using the products unique chemistry, there is a very fine balance of stiffness versus expansion, therefore interfacial stress accumulation, often present in heating and cooling cycles and subsequent cracks, is avoided.

This adhesive is supplied in very handy and easy to use 50 ml cartridges and in bulk format for application through standard adhesive metering equipment.

The product has applications within the electronics sector, particularly within the field of electronic repair and assembly of a range of critical electronics, both in microelectronics and optoelectronics. Other usage areas are currently being investigated, including several new applications within the aerospace and broader telecommunications sector.

The product has currently several unique applications:

  • Bonding rear windscreen heaters on glass windows.
  • Bonding heat sinks and other electronic components to PCB’s.
  • Producing conductive seals.
  • Ribbon attachment in solar cell manufacture & repair.
  • Filling seams between metal parts.
  • Bonding LED’s in internally illuminated display signs.
  • Can be used as a solder replacement for bonding heat sensitive components.

This adhesive forms part of a new range of Graphene modified functional adhesives which are currently being developed in our research laboratories.