JEC Composites Exhibition Paris 2015

010Two weeks ago, we returned from the 2015 JEC Composites Exhibition in Paris. The Exhibition was an immense success, held over three large floors, each floor having an area of 20,000 square meters. This was the first year in which a third floor was opened. This floor was concerned with showcasing  some newly developed products, utilising composite materials.

We were on the stand of our supply adhesive partners, Scigrip Adhesives. Scigrip are one of the worlds leading manufacturers of a range of structural methacrylate adhesives (MMA) which are used in various metal, plastic and composite bonding applications. During the JEC Exhibition, Scigrip launched the latest product in MMA technology. SG805 is an very advanced two component structural adhesive with extremely high fatigue & shock load resistance. Combined with absolute minimum surface preparation and a service temperature of over 120°C, SG805 will fine widespread use in the automotive sector, particularly in bonding SMC & ABS.

In a world where energy saving and ultimate recyclability are sought, composite materials will stand out as one of the best solutions. The composites industry is an innovative one. During our visit, we were privileged to see many dramatic innovations in automotive, railway, aerospace, marine, and sports & leisure sectors. Each sector harnessing the outstanding properties and performance which composite materials offer.

As an example of one recent innovation in the aerospace sector, we were pleased to see the new Bombardier® C-Series aircraft pressure bulkhead. This part measures 3300 mm x 3200 mm and is composed of resin infused carbon fabrics.

Another example of composite developments was in the Expliseat®. This is a titanium-composite aircraft seat which is now seen on Boeing 737®, Airbus A320® and ATR® families of aircraft. The seat is composed of a mere 30 parts and at a weight of 4 kgs, offers a weight fuel saving of €420,000 per aircraft per year.


Another interesting product was the Tulip® electric car from Peugeot®. This interesting five part body unit is fabricated from a GRP composite material which is stated as having 87% better impact resistance than standard automotive steel. The Tulip® body is manufactured using injection resin transfer moulding and due to the overall ease of manufacture, allows for units to be manufactured in very small numbers. The ease of production will allow  manufacturers to introduce further design changes as need, including new shape and curve designs which thus far, have been more difficult to produce using steel. Also of note is the fact that  there are no metal parts in the body shell.

Ireland is now a broadly mature innovative zone for the entire value chain (raw materials, plant and processing ) for composite materials. As Ireland’s only research based manufacturer and distributor of industrial adhesives, we are at the forefront of composite bonding.

Over the following months, our Technical Department will publish several papers on the resent innovations in composite bonding, as seen at JEC Paris 2015.