CLP Chemical Regulations 2015

The CLP Regulations (Classification, Labelling & Packaging) are pan European Union (EU) Regulation, the aim of which is to align the European Union system for the classification, labelling and packaging of chemical substances and mixtures with the Globally Harmonised System (GHS). The CPL Regulations are expected to facilitate & increase the global trade and the overall harmonised communication of the hazard information on chemicals and to promote regulatory efficiency. The regulations incorporate the classification criteria and labelling rules agreed both at UN level and GHS level.

EU_CLPCLP has implications for the entire chemical industry. Because the boundary values are constantly changing, a product must be labelled with the correct hazard symbols. This does not only have implications for the precautions to be taken by the end users of these products, but also for the transportation and storage of them. From June 2015, all newly-manufactured products must be equipped with a so-called CLP label. At W.I Polymers, we have been doing the necessary research and time investment for quite some time, to ensure that our high quality products comply with all laws and regulations. This is sometimes accompanied by amendments to some existing formulations, with the objective that it is possible to use them without using a hazard symbol. Specific products may inevitably have one or more hazard symbols. These symbols look a little different than before. Also the safety text on the packaging may be a little different. All Safety Data Sheets of our products can be requested through.

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