Blennerville Windmill

Blennerville_windmillAs Ireland’s foremost manufacturer & distributor of industrial glues, we often receive some very interesting enquiries indeed. Such it was with one technical enquiry which we received in early December 2014. Kerry County Council were in the process of refurbishing Blennerville Windmill and they needed advice. It was to our Technical Department that they turned!

The Blennerville Windmill has a very interesting history. Built by Sir Rowland Blennerhassett in 1800, the windmill is almost 22 metres high and is the tallest of its kind in Europe. In former times, the windmill was used for grinding corn for both the local market and for overseas export to Britain. However by the mid to late 19th century, due primarily to the introduction of steam power and the silting of the river channel at Blennerville, by the mid 1880’s , the windmill had started to fall into ruins. In 1981, Tralee Council purchased the windmill and in mid 1984, work commenced to restore the windmill back to its former beauty.

The windmill was completely refurbished and was opened to the public in 1990. It has an excellent visitors centre, which consists of a bespoke Craft Centre, Exhibition Gallery, audio-visual presentation and Restaurant. There is also a  guided tour of the five-storey windmill detailing the grain milling process. Blennerville Windmill is now Ireland´s only commercially operated windmill in existence.

The Engineering Department of Kerry County Council contacted us during a planned maintenance of the windmill. The Engineers wanted to bond and seal a joint between a timber hub and the four cast iron facing plates which were connected to the blades. Our Mechanical Engineer was provided with a complete set of engineering drawings and for the application, we suggested a two component structural methacrylate adhesive. Since all structural methacrylate adhesives, are not suitable for use on wood surfaces, we suggested to the Council that both the wood and the cast iron surface are faced with a thick ABS plate in advance of any bonding taking place. This would allow the methacrylate adhesive to bond structurally.

Given the performance required, the selection of the correct product to use was a simple matter. Scigrip SG230 HV-30 is a 10 : 1 mix ratio two component structural adhesive particularly suitable for both bonding & filling deep and irregular gaps upto 39 mm. It is renowned for its excellent environmental resistance, permanent toughness, shock load resistance and permanent elasticity. Kerry County Council requested our technical department to undertake the bonding process on their behalf. Although not part of the services which we provide, given the application, we decided to despatch a technician to undertake the work.

After approximately four hours of work, using the Scigrip 230 HV-30 in a pneumatic application gun, the bonding process was complete.

Pictures Courtesy of Kerry County Council.