Scigrip Adhesives & Magnum Venus Products

We have just returned from an Open Day which took place at Scigrip’s manufacturing plant in Tyne & Wear, UK. The purpose of this trip was twofold. We were introduced to Scigrip SG805 which is a newly developed highly advanced 10:1 methacrylate adhesive which offers a 55%+ increase in service temperatures over other 10:1 products. SG805 offers premium adhesion properties with various composite materials such as Vinyl Ester, Polyester (including DCPD modified), thermoplastics such as ABS and Styrenics and finally metals such as aluminium, mild & stainless steels. We envisage SG805 having applications within the automotive & allied sectors. Further details on SG805 will follow shortly.

mvp_biz_card_backWe also had the opportunity to use Magnum Venus Products (MVP) Patriot®10:1 adhesive application system. MVP are the premium manufacturers of composite application equipment with over 60 years innovation & expertise in their field. MVP’s products consist of pumping systems, spray guns and state of the art meter mixing equipment. Using innovative product design, MVP serve a multitude of manufacturers within a wide variety of sectors including automotive, aerospace, transportation, marine, railway, oil & gas, renewable energy and many others.

The Patriot® system was designed for use in the hardest and most critical adhesive application jobs which is the very accurate, often small shot size of meter mixed two component adhesives. The single power head drives the two fluid sections through a heavy duty guided linkage assembly, eliminating the need for transfer pumps and gear pumps which greatly simplifies day-to-day use and maintenance. This system also features pneumatic compensating cylinders in each of the two material platforms. If the levels vary between the containers, the pneumatic cylinders self-adjust to the material levels automatically during the pump priming of materials.

SG230-HV1For our tests with the Patriot® system, we used Scigrip’s SG230-HV which is a very novel 10:1 methacrylate adhesive.  Apart from showing primerless bonding to a very wide range of composites, plastics & metals, SG230-HV has a patented rheology system which allows for the application of thick beads, without the danger of sag. A  breakthrough in high build adhesive beads, SG230-HV is a low odour adhesive and is the choice structural adhesive for bonding large structural parts which require long working times.

Priming the Patriot® took minutes. The SG230-HV was equalized within a few seconds with less than 100 ml of waste. We could effortlessly extrude thick beads of SG230-HV with finesse. After adhesive application had finished, the clean-down was as easy as removing the stainless steel gun barrel from the gun, removing the static mixer from the gun barrel and using a long handled brush to remove excess adhesive from the inside walls of the gun barrel. Following this, a speedy acetone flush had the job done in a couple of minutes.

What does the Patriot® offer the adhesive applicator?

  • Extremely easy set up.
  • Top quality double action piston pumps.
  • No troublesome gear pumps.
  • Stainless steel gun & stainless steel pumps.
  • Rapid clean down.
  • Very low maintenance costs.

We have no doubt that the Patriot® is the most accurate & reliable metering system for the application of Scigrip’s 1:1 & 10:1 methacrylate adhesives and is the ideal solution for companies, wanting to move from cartridges to semi-bulk & bulk adhesive supply.

Our technical service personnel will be happy to visit any prospective customers.