New Static Mixer Introduced

A static mixer is a precision engineered device for the continuous mixing of two component adhesives. Static mixers can trace their origin to an invention for a mixing device which was filed for Patent in November 1965.

IMG_0009We are always searching for easier ways to apply adhesives, and with this in mind, we are proud to introduce the Zephyr® X0-50 Static Mixer. What are the benefits of using the Zephyr® X0-50 Static Mixer? It has the maximum number of baffles in a short barrel which ensures very turbulent mixing every time. This is a real benefit when using any of our coloured two component adhesives, which, for example, are used to bond Corian® and other composite materials.

The additional baffles in the short barrel design also guarantee perfect mixing with low viscosity two component adhesives, such as our X15 methacrylate .

For highly reactive products, such as our two component polyurethane chemistry, the extra turbulent mixing ensures perfect mixing, even if the operator extrudes the adhesive using more than suggested force. Zephyr® X0-50 Static Mixers are suitable for use with our X5-50 & X95-50 epoxy resins, X10-50 & X15-50 methacrylates and both X265-50 & X270-50 polyurethanes.