Encapsulating Parts with Polyurethane Resin

Robnor EL420LV

Polyurethane resin came to the rescue recently. A manufacturer of speciality pipe fittings approached us. They wanted to encapsulate some of their fittings in resin, which would enable them to insert the parts into display cases for customer demonstrations etc. Since a vacuum chamber was not available for degassing, it was important that the poured resin should be of sufficient low viscosity, that and entrained air bubbles should escape easily. Our Chemist reviewed what resins may be suitable for the proposed application and specified Robnor Resins® EL420 LV for the application.

What benefits does this resin offer in the application?

  • Robnor Resins® EL420 LV is a two component, low viscosity polyurethane resin.

  • It has excellent long term resistance to UV light.

  • The resin is exceptionally easy to process. Tack free after 40 minutes & full cure after 36 hours.

  • With a Shore A Hardness of 75, it resists marks & scratches.
  • It is available in 100g & 500g Twinpacks which are ideal in situations where small amounts or resin are required.

Robnor Resins® EL420 LV is also an excellent choice for use in the manufacture badges & LED light units.