Sealing Water Tank Joints With Butyl Tape

As Ireland’s most well known supplier of premium butyl tapes, we constantly receive new enquiries. Recently, the Glue Guru had an interesting problem to solve……………..

A. Parts as Received

A. Parts as Received

A contractor was repairing a water tank which was located on the roof of a theatre. The repairs involved  clamping the four corners of the tank with stainless steel bars, and holding the side walls of the tank together with stainless steel bolts (Figure A). In order to seal the normal 4.5 mm small gap between the stainless steel bars, our U38 SPUR Hybrid product is normally used. A manufacturing error occurred in drilling the steel pipes and a 6.5 mm drill bit was used to make the hole. Given the application and the joint dimensions, we would never recommend applying sealants in a bead greater than 6.0 mm diameter.

B. With BT17 20 mm x 20 mm

B. With BT17 2 mm x 20 mm

The customer contacted us looking for a recommendation for a product to seal the gap.

Our BT range of Butyl Tapes are specified by Architects & Engineers through Ireland. Given the application & joint dimensions, we knew that our BT17 2 mm x 20 mm would be the perfect product (Figure B). Our laboratory carried out a hydrostatic test on the joint and our suggestion was confirmed by the results obtained. We prepared samples for the contractor and gave him our laboratory report.

 Why should you use W.I Polymers Butyl Tape?

  • They do not contain fillers, they are made from pure butyl rubber.
  • They have excellent adhesion to a very wide range of materials, offering a service life of decades!
  • They are non-setting and allow some joint movement.
  • They do not shrink and are permanently elastic.
  • They are solvent free and non hazardous to use.
  • They are available in a range of shapes and sizes.

Our butyl tapes are also particularly suited for the caravan/leisure applications. For applications requiring butyl tape, don’t contact the non-technical order taker, contact us, we know the in’s & out’s of butyl tape, through & through!