Innovation Showcase 2014

Innovation Showcase 2014

Innovation Showcase 2014

The Innovation Showcase took place at the Convention Centre, Dublin on December 2nd 2014. This was the first gathering, in a single location, of all of the Irish State supported Research Centres. The aim of the event is to increase the collaboration between industry and the various research centres. This event was geared at companies within the following six sectors.

Information & communications technology

Health & Medical Technologies

Sustainable Food


Manufacturing & Materials

Innovations in the Service & Business Processes

Within the Manufacturing & Materials sector, here at  W.I Polymers, we are involved in several research based projects which utilise the resources of several research centres including IComp, ICMR & AMBER. Our formaldehyde free wood fibre bonding programme is at the forefront of our current research projects. This project is run through our Central Research Laboratory, a University and the launch customer. Our antimicrobial adhesive & coating technology in well into Phase II university  trials. Our composite surface preparation & bonding research programme has been running since June 2014 and we are heavily involved with several industrial partners.

As the greenest adhesive manufacturer in Ireland, we are at the forefront of research & development of water-based adhesives based on biopolymers. These materials are naturally occurring raw materials which are not petroleum based. We are the first company in Ireland to develop & manufacture isocyanate & formaldehyde free water-based  adhesives which are waterproof.

Innovation is more than a philosophy, is our way of thinking, and working.

What would you expect from Irelands leading research based adhesives manufacturer?