Novel Nano Cellular Macro Foam Developed

For many years there has been a need for lightweight elastomers for use in producing deflation proof tyres for Golf Cars. Up to now, elastomers used to produce deflation proof tyres were dense materials produced from polyurethane and isocyanate resins. Traditionally, these heavy fill polyurethane foams often contained waste or other oils, and therefore could be classed as elastomers, not foams!

Specifically for initial commercialisation in the golf car manufacturing sector, we have developed a super light Nano-Cellular Macro Foam (NCMF) composition the density of which is approximately 20% that of more traditional tyre fillings.

There are five main types of threads used in Golf Carts:  Straight rib green tyres, Soft turf all terrain tyres, Saw tooth tyres ‘S’ pattern All terrain tyres & Low profile street tyres. Tests have shown that our Nano Cellular Macro Foam technology products are suitable for all thread types.

Other potential markets for this product include tyres for wheelchairs and mopeds for handicapped persons and small garden equipment such as wheel barrows, grass cutters etc. All of this equipment, in particular wheel barrows used on construction sites, develop holes, which are often repaired over and over again.

Processing our Nano Cellular Macro Foam is easy to process. There is no need to remove the tyre from the vehicle, the vehicle is simply jacked up. Two holes, approximately 5 mm wide are made in the tyre. The product is pumped in using the standard equipment. There are a range of materials with various working & cure times available. These range from 5 minutes to 45 minutes. The processing is carried out at ambient temperatures with no need for external heating. Depending on which grade was used, approximately between 20 & 40 minutes after the tyre has been filled, the vehicle can be used.

Tyres filled with Nano Cellular Macro Foam have shown to be significantly lighter than resin filled counterparts. Tyres are significantly lighter therefore they do not leave marks on golf greens. Due to their excellent aging and weathering resistance, tyres retain their  true-running properties in the long term. This resistance does not deter even when the tyre remains in one position under a heavy load for an extended period of time and is compressed on one side. And the high elasticity of our micro-cellular material ensures that the tyre’s rolling resistance is almost as good as that of an air-filled tyre!

One major manufacturer of golf carts in Asia has already approved our product for their 2015 golf cart models.

Our NCMF Technology is Patent Pending.