W.I Polymers Joins IComp

We are pleased to have been accepted as an industrial member of I Comp. I Comp (Irish Centre for Composite Research) is a world class composites innovation centre hosted by the University of Limerick (UL) Materials & Surface Science Institute. It was established in 2010 under the Competence Centre initiative of Enterprise Ireland & IDA Ireland.

I Comp is a working partnership with academia and industry, across a very wide spectrum of industrial companies involved in the aerospace, automotive, renewable energy and construction sectors. Research at IComp is focused on composite materials, their matrices (metal, polymer) and recently also nanocomposites (carbon nanotube- and nanoclay-based).

Composite Adhesives

Composite Adhesives

Fundamental aspects of our work with IComp is  related to a better understanding of the surface preparation and bonding of composite matrices, nanocomposites and novel laminates. This applied research considers issues related to the bonding of large composite parts and their performance under in-service conditions, predicting the damage tolerance of various composite/composite and composite/metal bonded joints.

Combined with our research & process laboratories & I Comp’s extensive analytical laboratory, and both physical and mechanical testing laboratories, W.I Polymers are in a key position to offer our customers in the composites sector, Irelands most advanced research programme in composite surface preparation and bonding technology.

 I Comp