Adhesive Tips & Needles

As Irelands leading research based manufacturer of glue, we commonly receive calls from customers requesting advice on the correct application of the adhesive. Just as important as having the right adhesive, is the correct application method for that adhesive. In the overall manufacturing process, disposable adhesive tips & needles may appear unimportant at first, however, errors and costs can arise if any adhesive is applied incorrectly. In many applications, the adhesive may need to be placed within a deep crevice or other difficult to reach area. In other applications, a very small drop of adhesive may need to be placed on a certain area. It is only with the use of our precision tips and needles, that the right volume of adhesive can be placed where it is need.

Application Tips

Application Tips

Specifically with our cyanoacrylate, anaerobic, epoxy and methacrylate adhesives, when small volumes of adhesive need to be placed in a certain area, the use of our high quality adhesive tips & needles is advised.

We also offer five different high precision stainless steel needles ranging from 14 gauge to 30 gauge.

With the use of the male Luer Lock adapters, two component methacrylate adhesives can be applied using any of our 50 ml static mixer nozzles.

We have hundreds of assorted tips & needles in our library. We can advise the best needle & tip to suit!

All of the adhesive tips & needles are available from stock, in bags of 50. The male Luer Lock adapters are available individually.

All of our adhesive application equipment, including guns and static mixers, come with decades of adhesive research and application expertise. If you can’t come to us, we will go to you. Our mobile application laboratory travels all over Ireland, offering the best hands on advise, when you need it, wherever you need it!

We are also just a phone-call away.