Orapi CT609 Grease

Food grade lubricants are used in the prosessing sector all over Ireland. Recently, we had a request for a food grade lubricant for used on bearings within yogurt pumps. The customer had a requirement for a translucent grease which was non staining and could operate effectively up to 80°C.

From our extensive range of Orapi Lubricants, we specified Orapi CT 609 Translucent Grease. CT 609 is an exceptionally high quality translucent grease which has an excellent pedigree within the food processing sector in Ireland. It finds widespread use in the wine, beer, cheese, meat, fish and vegetable processing sector

CT609 lubricating a Yogurt Pump

CT609 lubricating a Yogurt Pump

CT609 complies with various standards including NSF H1 & INS H1 standards which are for unintentional contact with food. CT609 does not contain any hazardous substances. It is also hypoallergenic & posesses a very high mechanical stability and excellent thermal stability. ).

It does not stain, excellent water resistance. With a working temperature -30°C to +150°C With CT609, it is possible to lubricate small mechanisms such as small linkages, cylinders, bearings and cogs.

In the agricultural sector, CT609 is used to lubricate moving parts in tractors such as PTO’s & milk pumps. CT609 is available in handy to use cartridges or aerosols.

W.I Polymers Ltd stocks a very wide range of Orapi High Technology Greases, Food Approved Greases, Chain Oils, Food Approved Oils & Mould Release Oils. Our in house lubricant expert can advise on the correct lubricant for the job.