It’s all to do with Surface Preparation!

We may be Irelands leading manufacturer & specifier of glue but having the widest range of glue in Ireland is often not enough!

You may have the best glue in the country for a particular job but if the surface onto which the glue is being applied is not cleaned and primed as required, the best glue may give you the worst joints!

Take a recent situation where a multinational company was gluing nitrile rubber onto pre-formed pieces of galvanized steel. The customer was using both our X265 two component polyurethane adhesive with a cure time of 25 seconds and our X270 two component polyurethane which has a cure time of 180 seconds. The customer noticed that the adhesion of both polyurethane adhesives to a recently delivered batch of galvanized  steel was bad…..very bad. We checked our batch records and retained samples and later carried out several tests using customer supplied galvanized steel. We compared this with the sample of galvanized steel which the customer gave us when the project started. After only 45 minutes of test work in the lab, the problem was identified. There was a heavier than normal microscopic layer of zinc oxide (ZnO) on the galvanized steel and this was causing the issue. Due to its nature, surface treatment of galvanized steel needs to be carried out carefully as damaging the surface layer of zinc metal will lead to corrosion issues.

Our labs developed a solution quickly. We suggested that the customer brush down the pre-formed galvanized steel pieces using a stiff brush. After this, a coat of our X260 polyurethane primer was applied onto the gluing surface on the metal. After 10 minutes drying, the galv could be glued no problem.

All of this happened over a 24 hour period. As it transpired, incorrect storage of the pallet of galvanized steel was at the core of the issue.

Another reason why we are Irelands leading adhesive solution provider.