X10 Acrylic Glue

Acrylic glue is used to glue metals, plastics & composite materials in manufacturing companies all over Ireland. In fact, composites and adhesives are made for each other. A hand and glove relationship!

Phenolic coated Kevlar bonded with X10

Phenolic coated Kevlar bonded with X10

Methacrylates were introduced in the 1970s as a toughened new class of adhesives. They cure very quickly and are used at room temperature. They dissolve most contaminants, so little or no surface cleaning is required – a boon to productivity.With proper design and material selection and good assembly practices, bonded joints can be stronger and more fatigue resistant than mechanically fastened parts.

Adhesive layers weigh less than bolts and rivets, and with no holes to drill (which weaken the structure and may permit ingress of moisture) and fasteners to install, there can be significant labour savings and more rapid production rates.

In the vast majority of situations the general performance goal is a bonded joint stronger than the parts being bonded together. Our X10 methacrylate adhesive is at the forefront of composite bonding technology. With this in mind, we were recently contacted by a company supplying Kevlar composite parts into the aircraft sector. They were looking for a very tough, fast cure adhesive for splicing Kevlar parts. After evaluating the adhesive for several months, the X10 was specified for use.

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