Nuts, bolts……or glue?

Often times, while the customer really wants to use glue in place of mechanical fixings, the design of the product may not allow the use of adhesives. Such was the case this week. We visited a company involved in the manufacture of farming tools. They attached a rubber strip onto a galvanized steel scraper. These were joined together with four bolts. We had received substrate samples in our lab two weeks ago. Our tests did show that both Alpha S5001 & S2000 (with their respective crosslinking agents) gave excellent bonds, however the glueline (the area available for adhesive application) was so narrow (1 cm) that we advised that an adhesive would not work in the application. The galvanized part was pressed out in a steel mould so changing the mould was not an option.

We also had a few interesting applications. We had a call from a company who wanted to bond nylon webbing to itself. The customer sent us samples of the webbing and within 24 hours, they were using Alpha S2193 with S5001 crosslinking agent.

We were contacted by an optical company in Turkey who wanted to make rimless glasses frames. This involved gluing a steel pin into an acrylic lens. Our X110 visible & UV cure adhesive will be perfect for this application.

We were contacted by an organisation who wanted to bond a polyester barcode onto items made from Stainless Steel, Galvanized Steel, Neoprene Rubber & Wood. Our lab got to work, testing our X5 Epoxy Glue, X10 Acrylic Glue and DP445 two component polyurethane glue. The DP445 came out on top. This product is supplied in a 50 ml and 220 ml cartridge and is available in several versions, the difference being the working time (how long the adhesive remains liquid in the static mixer) and fixture time (how long the glued item needs to be left undisturbed). We specified a produt with a working time of 5 minutes and a fixture time of 6 minutes. Perfect!

These are a few of the new applications which we worked on this week. Contact the Glue Guru directly, he will only be too happy to help.