How to Repair Carbon Fibre Bicycle Frames & Wheels

Carbon fibre bicycles are now very popular in Ireland. Many people believe that carbon fibre bike frames or wheels are not repairable and can be thrown away! Just think about it, many aircraft have structural parts made from carbon fibre (Boeing 787®). If these are damaged, is the aircraft disposed of ?

Repairing carbon fibre bike frames and parts is both practical & possible. Using technology developed in our laboratories, we have a system which will be a boon for repairs to carbon bicycle frames & wheeles owners all over Ireland!

Before a repair is carried out, establish the amount of damage. This can be done by simply tapping the area with a €1 coin. An area not damaged will will make a distinct ‘click’ sound. A damaged area will make a ‘thud’ sound.

The damaged area may have to be chased out using a small rotary repair tool.

Depending on the size of the area to be repaired, the following process is used.

1. The damaged area is washed with a new toothbrush dipped into distilled water (available from a pharmacy).

2. The area is allowed to dry out fully and naturally (allow 24 hours).

3. The area is next cleaned with our  X35 degreasing agent.

4. The area is primed with our  435.10 Primer and allowed to dry naturally for 1 hour.

5. The crack is filled using our  X95 adhesive. The adhesive is extruded onto a clean cerami tile or a piece of waxed paper milk or juice carton.

6. The adhesive is mixed with a toothpick and placed into the crack. If the crack or damage is more than 2 mm deep, fill to the 2 mm mark and allow the adhesive to cure for 8 hours before continuing on.

7. Allow the adhesive to cure for 24 hours.

8. Use an 80 grit sandpaper to remove excess adhesive, next use 120 grit followed by 240 grit ( wet  & dry) to smooth the area. Finish with a 320 grit paper. Sand carefully using a straight, hard edge.

9. Polish the repaired area using a polishing disc on a rotary repair tool.

Depending on the size of the area to be repaired, the use of carbon fibre cloth may also be used.

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