Smart ECO Hub Seminar

A cross border Sustainable Building Cluster Seminar took place in Northern Ireland on Friday April 11th. This seminar brought together Architects, Surveyors, Engineers & others interested in the sustainable energy sector. The seminar opened with a welcome from Mr Michael Curran, Chair of Smart ECO Hub & Director of Economic & Cross Border Development for Louth County Authorities.

Several topics were covered including Thermal Bridging, Aerogel Insulation,Solid Wall Insulation, Infrared Heating, Heritage Restoration & Masonry Protection. It was  on the topic of Masonry Protection & Restoration that the we gave a keynote talk on the use of W.I Polymers functional products within the new build & refurbishment sector. We are Irelands only manufacture of these unique treatments which render masonry materials waterproof but vapour open.

Also discussed was the use of our novel laminating adhesives, sealants & coatings which are now becoming the standard in new build & heritage construction.

Samples of all of the products detailed in the Presentation are available to Architects, Engineers & Restoration Experts.

A link to the presentation is below……enjoy.

Smart Eco Hub Presentation.