Orapi Nanolubricants

Orapi Nanolubricants

Orapi Nanolubricants

We are pleased to be able to introduce to Ireland, Orapi’s range of novel Nanolubricant which offer exceptional quality and extreme resistance. Orapi are the first to engineer a range of special lubricants characterised by very innovative formulation offering excellent performance.

The nano particles within the lubricant are spherical in structure and they guarantee a rolling and sliding movement between surfaces. The range of products within the Nanolubricant portfolio includes the following products.

EP Grease 2010 Semi Synthetic EP Grease 2010 TDS

Antiseizing paste 2015 Anti Seizing Paste 2015 TDS

Lubricating Oil 2020 Lubricating Oil 2020 TDS

Super Penetrating Oil 2025 Penetrating Oil 2025 TDS

These products are in stock and available from our trade counter.