Hot Melt Glue Sticks

Hot Glue Sticks are used all over Ireland. These are solid adhesives sticks which are available in several types. They all share one common property and that is their dimensions. Our hot melt glue sticks are industrial sticks so they meet the common size requirement of 11.5 mm wide & 300 mm long. We sell them all over Ireland.

Our hot melt glue sticks provide several advantages over solvent based glues. Glue sticks do not contain solvents or other harmful chemicals. Glue sticks have a long shelf life. They cure very quickly and any unused glue can be disposed of easily. In choosing which hot melt glue stick to use, there are two questions to be answered:

1. Open time: How long the hot glue remains tacky. This can be very important. Typically, small items are bonded with a short open time glue stick & our H20 is perfect for applications where a short open time is required. For example, in gluing blinds, lamp shades, gluing electronic components & within the craft sector. H50 is perfect for applications where a medium open time is needed, for example, in the packaging sector where gluing small to medium size cardboard boxes or tacking wires etc.

2. Setting time: How long it takes for the hot glue to form a bond of acceptable strength. Typically, in bonding, an immediate grab may be required and we offer several hot melt glue sticks with instant grab, for example, H10, H30, H40, H60 & H70.

For any gluing requirement, we have a hot melt glue stick to suit most applications. All of our hot melt glue sticks are available in 5 kg boxes and we ship them all over Ireland. Of course, customers in Dublin are quite welcome to collect from our Trade Counter!

Don’t forget, we also sell & repair a range of glue guns ranging from the GU8 craft gun to the GU16 & GU20 industrial guns.

Our glue sticks are found in manufacturing companies all over Ireland…don’t be left out !!

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