New Production Equipment Installed

Following continued growth in the area of water based adhesives, we have recently installed new process equipment composed of the following:

1. A 600 kg capacity pharmaceutical grade stainless steel heated vessel complete with digital weigh cell & pharmaceutical grade fittings (pictured right). This mixer will be used in the maufacture of test batches.

2. A high efficiency APV Rotary Lobe Process Pump. This is a low shear high volume pump which will allow for the transfer of raw materials to the mixing vessel and the transfer of finished products to the supply container.

3. A 3M Stainless Steel filter which allows us to filter material of a particle size from 0.5 microns to 250 microns. The filter ensures problem free application of spray applied & screen printed coatings and adhesives.

The purchase of this equipment reinforces our commitment to develop the most environmentally compliant coatings & adhesives for the Irish and European market.