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W286 Laminating Glue

Energy saving glue ideas!

How cold are the winters in Ireland?

And as the leaders in the formulation & manufacture of glues for gluing insulation, we are constantly being asked to come up with new environmentally friendly glues for gluing all types of insulation materials.

Some time ago, we developed W286 water-based resin suitable for brush and roller application. It was designed for gluing Neopor®,Styrodur®, & Styropor®, to aluminium foil faced plasterboard.

W286 is not the proverbial ‘one trick pony’, it can also be used in the lamination of other materials. For example, it has excellent adhesion to the most common types of insulation & construction materials such as OSB, plywood, chipboard, expanded polystyrene, foil and paper faced PU foams and of course, plasterboard.

W286 also offers excellent adhesion to various insulating foams, has exceptionally high, low temperature flexibility and excellent process-ability. Laminated panels can be very easily cut to a small size in order to manufacture insulation to prevent cold bridging in buildings.

The raw materials used in the manufacture of the W286 conform to FDA Regulations: CFR 21 175-105 thus the adhesive can be used in the manufacture of cleanroom sandwich panels.

W286 is available in 25 kg drums, 120 kg open top drums and in 1000 kg tanks. Technical Reports & samples are available upon request.

Neopor, Styrodur & Styropor are registered trademarks of BASF SE.