Decoupage Glue Ireland

Decoupage is an artform in which pieces of cut decorative paper are glued onto an object in combination with special paint effects & often gold leaf. Common items such as cardboard boxes, or small items of wooden furniture can be decorated in the most tasteful way.Decoupage Box

Decoupage is indeed an ancient art form oringially coming from Siberia in the 9th century. From Siberia, the art gradually spread to China and by the 12th century, Decoupage was being used to decorate window display boxes and lanterns. In the 1600’s, Decoupage craft was slowly moving into Europe.

The process is quite simple but the seletion of the correct adhesive sealer is important and the best product to use is our Decoupage W361 adhesive sealer. This product bonds really well to all types of paper and wood. Once dry, the surface is very hard wearing! The product is solvent free & non flammable.

The process is as follows:

1. Make sure that the item being covered is clean and dry.

2. Cut out the decorative paper, and using a brush, apply a coat of W361 Decoupage adhesive sealer onto the item being covered and firmly press the paper onto the wet Deoupage glue.

3. Using fingers or a small paint roller, press the image to remove wrinkles.

4. Continue to add more images as required. Allow the piece to dry.

5. After 24 hours, apply a second coat of W361 Decoupage adhesive sealer and every six hours thereafter another coat until the desired effect is achieved.

6. Clean brushes with cold water.

Pictures:Courtesy of Vintage Cakestands Ireland.