Safe Crosslinking Agents for Waterbased Adhesives

The use of crosslinking agents in waterbased products (paints & adhesives)  is common. Crosslinking agents work by linking one polymer chain to another, thus making a web of polymer chains link to each other.

Crosslinking agents typically impart the following properties to waterbased products:

1. Increase water resistance (rain, washing etc).

2. Increase adhesion.

3. Increase wet strength.

4. Increase abrasion resistance.

For waterbased products, crosslinking agents are typically based on isocyanate, aziridine or derivatives of these. Although offering exceptional resistance properties, these products are not without their issues. Both display toxicity issues, especially in contact with skin. The other issue in using these crosslinking agents, is that they impart short pot lives when added, ranging from 1 to 6 hours.

We are happy to announce the commercialisation of our FX series of crosslinking agents. There are two products in the FX range. Both can be used in waterbased adhesives for applications such as film lamination, textiles and construction adhesives. The FX products offer the same benefits as traditional crosslinking agents with the following benefits:

1. Solvent free totally waterbased.

2. No odour, non hazardous. Isocyanate & aziridine free.

3. Pot life minimum three months!

The FX technology offers waterbased adhesive users a safe alternative with a vast improvement in pot life.

Samples are available upon request.