X-110 UV Cure Glue for Gluing Plastic to Glass?

Recently, the management company for O2 Communications Head Office contacted the Glue Guru. They had just renovated their offices and in the process, a glass door with a pneumatic door closer had to be removed. Unfortunately, the door closer had fallen off the glass door. The door was belonging to the board room and until it was fixed, all meetings were stopped!

An emergency call to the Glue Guru got them sorted in zip time. The door closer was actually a high impact polystyrene (HIPS) casing into which was bolted a steel pneumatic piston, therefore the repair process was as follows.

  • Clean the bond area on the glass & HIPS with Z100 degreaser.
  • Prime the HIPS with X18 plastic primer.
  • Coat the gluing surface of the HIPS with X110 adhesive.
  • Expose the joint to 365 nm UV light for 4 minutes.
  • Let the meeting begin!


For gluing plastics & glass, we have a UV glue to suit many applications. Contact the Glue Gure for immediate advice.